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TWIC Regulations

Transportation Worker Identification Credential (TWIC)

Maritime workers including terminal employees, longshoremen, truck drivers, agents and contractors must have a TWIC to gain unescorted access to Maryland Port Administration (MPA) facilities.

TWIC is federally mandated and enforcement is carried out by the U.S. Coast Guard. More Information regarding TWIC can be found on the Transportation Security Administration's (TSA) web site at ​https://www.tsa.gov/for-industry/twic .  TSA recommends that all applicants enroll for TWIC (including renewals) a minimum of 60 days before applicants require a valid TWIC. ​

Although the MPA is not responsible for issuing the TWIC, there are some questions specific to the MPA facilities that are addressed here.​​

Will facility employees still need a MPA Terminal ID Badge to enter the port?


Yes. You will still need a MPA Terminal ID Badge to enter the Port and you must display the Badge at all times. In addition, you will need a TWIC card to be able to enter and work on MPA facilities.​

Why are both the MPA Terminal ID Badge and the TWIC card necessary?


The MPA Terminal ID Badge identifies your purpose and facilities you have access to. The TWIC card is required for unescorted access to MTSA regulated secure and restricted areas. All MPA facilities are secured and restricted from the entry point to the pier.​

What happens if I don't have a TWIC?


You will need to be escorted by an authorized MPA TWIC Escort card holder and be registered as a visitor/vendor in our access control system.​

What about crewmembers aboard the ships? Is there a way for them to leave the dock?


There are TWIC escorts available and can be arranged by contacting this ships agent. Crewmembers will be picked up at their ships and transported off the terminal to accommodate their onshore needs.​

Access Requirements

  • Facility Employees & Contractors

      The MPA requires all facility employees to display a Transportation Worker Identification (TWIC) card and MPA terminal badge, including long-term contractors who have a legitimate business need to enter unescorted on property owned and controlled by the MPA. Terminal badges may be obtained at the Access Control Center located at 2200  Broening Highway Suite 205, Baltimore. Hours of operation are Monday through Friday from 7:30 am to 3:30 pm except for Maryland State Observed holidays. You may contact the Badging Office at (410) 633-1170 during business hours.

      In addition to a TWIC card and terminal badge, a person may not operate or bring a motor vehicle on MPA property unless the motor vehicle has been issued an Annual, Temporary, or Visitor Permit in accordance with COMAR regulations ( Annual/Temporary vehicle decal permits may also be obtained at the Access Control Center.​

      Vehicle Decal Regulations

      Company Vehicle Application

      POV Application

      Company Signature Authorization Letter

      MPA Terminal Badge Rules

      Terminal Access Badge Application

  • Visitors & Vendors

      All proposed Visitors/Vendors must notify facility tenants/employees prior to their arrival and must be registered in the MPA's authorized visitor access system. Visitors/Vendors must have and display a TWIC for unescorted access to MPA facilities. Visitor/Vendor permits will be issued by security personnel and shall be displayed on the visitor/vendor outermost garment and in the driver's front windshield area in full view of the vehicle's exterior. Non-TWIC card holders must make necessary arrangements for an escort. Failure to properly register driver/passengers and vehicle information with authorized facility tenants/employees and present acceptable credentials will unfortunately result in your access being denied.

  • Truckers

      All trucking companies and drivers must befully registered with eModal and Trucker Check prior to entering the facility. In addition to eModal and Trucker Check, all drivers must display a TWIC card for unescorted access to MPA facilities. Non-TWIC card holders must make necessary arrangements for an escort. To register with eModal, log into www.emodal.com. To register with Trucker Check, you must log in at eModal.com with the User Name and Password sent to you by eModal once your application has been approved. Should you have questions concerning the registration process or to verity the registration information has been received, you may contact eModal Customer Service at  (866) 758-3838. Failure to be registered and current in the eModal system and/or not having acceptable credentials or an authorized escort, will result in drivers being denied entry to the terminal.

  • Approved Escort Companies ​


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