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 Rights of Entries

Rights of Entry to MPA Terminals

A minimum of FIVE business days must be allowed for Property Management to render a decision on whether a request for a Right of Entry will be approved or denied.

A Right of Entry is an agreement that limit’s MPA’s exposure to liability for certain cargo and activities on MPA terminals that are not covered by the current MPA Terminal Services Schedule, a lease, contract, or other agreement.​​​

To obtain a Right of Entry, the requestor must submit the appropriate Right of Entry Request Form along with the requested supporting documentation to the Property Management Department.​​

If the request is approved, Property Management will provide the requestor with a Right of Entry Agreement. The requestor will then sign and return the Right of Entry Agreement along with proof of insurance (if not already provided) and any other requested documentation to Property Management. Once the Right of Entry Agreement is signed by MPA, a fully executed copy will be returned to the requestor.

TWIC & Terminal Access

Anyone who is granted access to MPA terminals through a Right of Entry must comply with the access requirements set forth on the Port Security page.   Any visitor that does not possess a TWIC must use one of the following Approved Escort Companies to access the terminal.​

Insurance Requirements

Anyone submitting a request for a Right of Entry must provide certificates of insurance for the below coverage. Amounts and types of coverage will be subject to the specific type of Right of Entry requested, additional forms of coverage may be required. All certificates MUST name MPA, MDOT, and the State of Maryland as additional insureds.

  • Employer’s Liability Coverage/Workman’s Comp
  • Commercial General Liability
  • Commercial Automobile Liability

Submitting a Request for Right of Entry

General Rights of Entry

A general Right of Entry Request Form can be submitted for most approved activities that will require a Right of Entry. Specific activities with their own request forms include requests to fly drones and shipping/receiving helicopters on MPA terminals.

All Requests must be submitted to Property Management at a minimum of FIVE business days in advance. Any requests submitted with less than five business days are subject to immediate denial.

General Right of Entry Request Form

Drone Rights of Entry

Only drones authorized by the FAA and flown by FAA licensed pilots will be considered to fly on MPA terminals. Requests for anyone who wishes to fly a drone on an MPA terminal must submit an Unmanned Aerial System Operation Request Form at a minimum of TEN business days in advance and provide the following along with the request:

  • Flight plan
  • FAA Pilot Certification (License) & FAA Registration
  • Additional insurance requirements: commercial general liability additional insured endorsement must include “on-going operations” and “completed operations”

Helicopter Rights of Entry

Anyone who wants to have a helicopter land or take off from within an MPA terminal must submit a Helicopter Right of Entry Request Form at a minimum of FIVE business days in advance. Prior to submitting a request for a helicopter, all activity surrounding the shipping or receiving of the helicopter must have been coordinated/scheduled with the terminal operator and/or contractors providing the service. MPA is not responsible for this coordination. Requestors must submit the following information along with the request form:

  • Contact information for Freight Forwarder or Custom’s Broker (if applicable)
  • Contact information for Terminal Operator and/or Contractor
  • Additional insurance requirements: aircraft liability (insurance requirements may be fulfilled by submitting certificates from contractors/terminal operators that are handling the helicopter)

For more information regarding charges, scheduling, coordination, and storage please see our Helicopter FAQ.


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