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10/19/2020TopInternationalForestProductProducerSignsNewExtPOB.pdfTop International Forest Product Producer Signs Agreement Expanding Business At Port of Baltimore
10/6/2020100720.pdfMDOT Maryland Port Administration, Army Corps of Engineers Study Port of Baltimore Seagirt Loop Improvements
10/1/2020100120PressRelease.pdfPort of Baltimore Continues Rebound From Covid-19 Impact With Strong August
8/23/2020082420Press.pdfPort of Baltimore's July Cargo Numbers Show Signs of Continued Economic Recovery
8/18/2020081920Press.pdfPort of Baltimore Sets New Record for Most Container Moves from One Ship
8/3/2020080420.pdfPort Strengthening Security Through Federal Grant
6/8/2020060920.pdfGovernor Hogan Announces New Transportation Leaders
6/2/2020PortAchievesTopEnvironmentalRecognition.pdfPort Achieves Top Environmental Recognition
2/11/2020PortofBaltimoreHandledMostCargoEverin2019.pdfPort of Baltimore Handled Most Cargo Ever in 2019
2/4/2020PortofBaltimoreReceivesTopCoastGuardSecurityReviewFor11thStraightYear.pdfPort of Baltimore Receives Top Coast Guard Security Review For 11th Straight Year
1/28/2020GovHoganAppointsEdwardMcDonaldtoMdPortCommission.pdfGovernor Hogan Appoints Edward McDonald to Maryland Port Commission
1/6/2020PoBAwardedFromEPA.pdfPort of Baltimore Nets $1.8M Grant to Reduce Emissions
071320.pdfNewly Born Eagles Can Now Be Observed in Masonville Cove Wildlife Area
collapse Year : 2019 ‎(19)
12/4/2019jjwToResign.pdfJim White, Who Led Port of Baltimore as Executive Director During ERA of Record Growth, to Resign After 18 Years
11/26/2019MPAProvidesGrantSedimenttoRebuildParkinBaltimoreCounty.pdfPort Administration Provides Grant Sediment to Rebuild Park in Baltimore County
10/22/2019PortofBaltimoreWelcomesEnchantmentoftheSeasCruiseShip.pdfPort of Baltimore Welcomes Back Enchantment of the Seas Cruise Ship in 2021
9/24/2019PortsCargoBusiness.pdfPort of Baltimore Sets Container Record
9/18/2019091819.pdfPort of Baltimore's Masonville Cove Wins Environmental Improvement Award
8/26/2019082619CargoRecord.pdfPort of Baltimore Sets New Record for Cargo
8/23/2019082319.pdfChesapeake Bay Islands to be Restored with Sediment from Port Shipping Channel
8/13/2019081319.pdfPort Receives Federal Grant to Strengthen Security
7/29/2019072919.pdfMasonville Cove Campus Fully Reopens After Bald Eagles Complete Nesting Season
6/13/2019061319.pdfPort Administration, Maryland Zoo Partner to Restore Stream
5/29/2019053019.pdfNew Monthly Cargo Records for Port Set in March
5/22/2019052419.pdfLargest Container Ship to Ever Visit Maryland Arrives at Port of Baltimore
5/19/2019051919.pdfPort of Baltimore Celebrates National Maritime Day
4/14/2019041519.pdf2018 Sets Record for Cargo at Port of Baltimore
3/24/2019032519.pdfBald Eagles Make a Home at Masonville Cove Environmental Education Center
3/6/2019030619.pdfHogan Administration Announces Another Record Year for the Port of Baltimore in 2018
3/4/2019030419.pdfHogan Administration Supports INFRA Grant Applications for Double-Stack Howard Street Tunnel, Next Phase of I-81 in Western Maryland
1/22/2019012219.pdfPort Again Receives Top Security Assessment
1/7/2019010719.pdfPort Receives $2.4 Million From EPA to Help Promote Clean Air
collapse Year : 2018 ‎(14)
12/7/2018120718.pdfPort Receives Federal Funding to Help Develop Second Deep Container Berth
10/20/2018102218.pdfPort Welcomes Largest Container Ship to Ever Visit Maryland
10/18/2018101818.pdfPort Continues Strong 2018 With Record Months For Cars
7/19/2018071918.pdfGovernor Hogan, BPW Approve Contract to Add Additional Land for Handling Surging Port of Baltimore Cargo
7/10/2018071018.pdfAutos fuel record May for Port of Baltimore
6/11/2018061118.pdfPort had best quarter in its 312 years
6/1/2018060618.pdfMDOT MPA and Partners Committed to Cleaning Maryland's Waterways
5/17/2018051718.pdfLt. Governor Boyd Rutherford Kicks Off First North American Greenport Congress Conference In Baltimore
4/12/2018041218.pdfPort handled most cargo tonnage in 38 years in 2017
3/9/2018030818.pdfNinth Consecutive “Excellent” Coast Guard Security Assessment Awarded to Port of Baltimore
3/6/2018030618.pdfMeasuring air emissions in the maritime and shipping industries is just one topic that will be discussed at the first GreenPort Congress conference
2/1/2018020118.pdfContainers and Autos Lead The Way As Port Business Continues to Surge
1/31/2018013118.pdfPort of Baltimore to add additional rubber-tired gantry cranes
1/23/2018012418.pdfMonthly Service Via Hoegh Autoliners to Begin in March
collapse Year : 2017 ‎(12)
12/20/2017010418.pdfApplying Agricultural Practices to the Port of Baltimore
10/4/2017100417.pdfInbound Logistics Names the Port a Green Supply Chain Partner
9/28/2017092817.pdfPort of Baltimore Handled Record Number of General Cargo Tons in Fiscal Year 2017
9/8/2017090617.pdfPort Of Baltimore To Host First North American Greenport Congress Conference
7/27/2017072717.pdfPort Of Baltimore Continues To Set Records In 2017
6/22/2017062217.pdfHelen Delich Bentley Port Of Baltimore Named One Of The Fastest-Growing North American Ports
5/30/2017053017.pdfPort Planning For Bigger Ships And More Containers
5/22/2017052217.pdfANOTHER RECORD FOR THE PORT!
3/30/2017033017.pdf Department Of The Environment Develops Guidelines For Reuse Of Dredged Material
3/6/2017030617.pdfSmooth Sailing: Port Starts 2017 Off With A Record January
2/14/2017021417.pdfGovernor Larry Hogan Announces Record Cargo Levels At Helen Delich Bentley Port Of Baltimore In 2016
1/30/2017013017.pdfSIX AND COUNTING
collapse Year : 2016 ‎(12)
12/12/2016121216.pdfPort of Baltimore named most productive Port in the nation for third consecutive time
10/24/2016102416.pdfGovernor Larry Hogan and CSX Transportation Chairman & CEO Michael Ward met today onboard a CSX rail car
10/20/2016102116.pdfThe U.S. Environmental Agency today announced a $978,302 Diesel Emissions Act (DERA) grant
8/23/2016082316.pdfThe Maryland Department of Transportation Port Administration (MPA) today announced it has signed long-time forest products customer UPM to a new 10-year contract extension.
8/15/2016081516.pdfMaryland’s own ‘Fun Ship’ will continue sailing from the Helen Delich Bentley Port of Baltimore as Carnival Cruise Line has agreed...
8/8/2016PORT_EXECUTIVE_DIRECTOR.pdfThere was no better advocate for the Port of Baltimore and the men and women who work there than Helen...
7/27/2016072716.pdfGovernor Hogan appointed the commissioners to replace outgoing members at the Maryland Port Commission (MPC)...
7/19/2016071916.pdfState Officals Welcome First Big Container Ship To Arrive At Port Of Baltimore Through The Newly Expanded Panama Canal...
6/2/2016060216.pdfPort Handles Most Cargo Tons Ever; Sees Market Share Rise In Key Commodities
4/21/2016042117.pdfPort Administration Signs Cruise Line Royal Caribbean International Through June 2020
3/9/2016ContainersCarsLedWayRecordYear2015.pdfToday the Maryland Port Administration announced that 2015 was a strong year for key targeted commodities
1/8/2016U.S. Army Corps of Engineers to begin $25.6 million Baltimore Harbor maintenance dredging contract.aspxU.S. Army Corps of Engineers to begin $25.6 million Baltimore Harbor maintenance dredging contract
collapse Year : 2015 ‎(23)
12/29/2015122915.pdfJournal of Commerce Study Names Port and its Seagirt Marine Terminal Most Efficient in First Half of 2015...
12/11/2015121115.pdfDepartments of Environment and Transportation, Maryland Port Administration announce Clean and Green Ports Agreement
12/3/2015120315.pdfGovernor Larry Hogan, along with state and local elected officials, today announced a new 30-year contract...
11/12/2015111215.pdfSeven Consecutive Years Of Excellence
11/6/2015110615.pdfPort Administration Names Christina Correale To Direct Dredging Program
10/15/2015101515.pdfStacking Up Another Record, August Sees Most TEU Containers Ever
10/14/2015101415.pdfPoplar Island Environmental Restoration Project Wins Distinguished National Award
9/2/2015090215.pdfGovernor Larry Hogan today announced Brenda Dandy and Walter Tilley as the two newest appointees to the Maryland Port Commission (MPC).
8/31/2015083115.pdfMonthly and Fiscal Year Marks Set for General Cargo and TEU Containers
8/11/2015081115.pdfGovernor Larry Hogan, Port of Baltimore Welcome Under Armour
8/5/2015080515.pdfContractor For New Port Of Baltimore Auto Berth Wins Project Of The Year
7/20/2015072015.pdfThe Helen Delich Bentley Port of Baltimore ranked number one among U.S. ports for container berth productivity
7/1/2015070215.pdfWorld's Largest Conainter Shipping Company Will Bring 31,000 New Containers Per Year
5/27/2015052715.pdfInternational container shipping company CMA-CGM of France has announced that it will begin service within the next couple of weeks to the Helen Delich Bentley Port of Baltimore.
5/26/2015052615.pdfGovernor Larry Hogan today announced that 913,139 tons of general cargo and 49,971 containers were handled at the Helen Delich Bentley Port of Baltimore’s public marine terminals in March, establishing two new monthly records.
5/12/2015051215.pdfGovernor Larry Hogan has appointed Bel Air resident and transportation veteran David M. Richardson to the Maryland Port Commission (MPC).
5/11/2015051115.pdfPort of Baltimore Wins Top North American Auto Port Award
4/9/2015040915.pdfPort of Baltimore Cruise Terminal Wins International Customer Service Awards
3/31/2015033115.pdfFederal & State Funds Will Help Replace Older Diesel Trucks With Newer Vehicles
3/29/2015032915.pdfCarnival Cruise’s Pride Returns to the Port of Baltimore
2/20/2015022015.pdfBaltimore Brew A strong year for the Port of Baltimore
2/19/2015021915.pdfBaltimore Again Handles More Cars Than Any Other U.S. Port; Other Records Set As Port Continues In Its Role As One Of Maryland’s Leading Economic Generator
2/12/2015021215.pdfCrystal Cruises Sailing back to the Port of Baltimore in November
collapse Year : 2014 ‎(18)
12/17/2014121714.pdfA Record Month for Containers at the Port of Baltimore
10/23/2014SPRelease10_24.pdfProgress and Economic Development Opportunities Highlighted at Sparrows Point
10/7/2014100714.pdfNew Auto Berth Offically Opened at Port of Baltimore
10/2/2014100214.pdfEPA Gives $75,000 Grant to Living Classrooms Foundation for Program at Masonville Cove
9/18/201491814.pdfBMW Opens its Newest Vehicle Distribution Center at the Port of Baltimore
9/3/201409314.pdfPort Administration Receives Recognition For Environmental Achievements
8/12/2014081314.pdfGovernor O’Malley Announces BWI Airport And Port Of Baltimore Win National Security Awards
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3/1/2020POBJanFeb2020.pdfJanuary/February 2020
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1/1/2016Port-Jan-Feb-2016-web.pdfJanuary/February 2016