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Crane Maintenance

CraneThe Crane Maintenance Department is responsible for maintaining and enhancing the cargo handling cranes of the Maryland Port Administration. These cranes provide productive, reliable and safe operation for our customers.

Optimum crane maintenance is accomplished by electro-mechanical crane technicians who meticulously maintain and oversee crane operations around the clock.

Our highly-trained workforce services cargo-handling cranes at three public marine terminals as well as a 300-ton mobile crane. To provide efficient service, crane maintenance personnel are assigned to two response groups: Dundalk Crane and Locust Point Crane Maintenance.

The Dundalk Crane Maintenance Group provides service for the nine container cranes at Dundalk Marine Terminal. They also provide necessary support for cruise vessels and the operation and maintenance of the Personnel Boarding Bridge.

The Locust Point Crane Maintenance Group provides service for the two whirly cranes and one container crane at the North Locust Point Marine Terminal and one 100-ton whirly crane at the South Locust Point Marine Terminal. They also provide the necessary personnel to transport and position the Port's 300-ton mobile crane known as "Big Red".


The Crane Maintenance Department is a team of multi-talented individuals that work together as one cohesive unit to help Baltimore keep its position as one of the top cargo ports in the United States.


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