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It's no accident that the Port of Baltimore is the number one Roll-on/Roll-off port in the United States. Ro/Ro cargo requires special care - and we make it our business to move it with the lowest damage rates possible.

  • Baltimore handles the majority of the U.S. East coast market's share of Ro/Ro cargo annually.
  • Ro/Ro, self-propelled on and off a ship, is expensive to move, accommodate and requires special care. Our highly skilled labor force ensures that our Ro/Ro is handled more carefully here than at any other port.
  • Baltimore's proximity to the Midwest's major farm and construction equipment manufacturers has helped it become the leading U.S. port for combines, tractors, hay balers and in importing excavators and backhoes.
  • Reaffirming our position as the top U.S. Ro/Ro port, Baltimore serves as the East Coast hub for the largest Ro/Ro carrier in the world.

Dundalk Seagrit Ro Ro


We are the Best in the Business

  • Skill: Baltimore prides itself on one of the lowest cargo damage rates in the country. And we keep getting better. The port's "Ro/Ro Rodeo" rounds up manufacturers to teach labor the unique handling and operational requirements for each type of vehicle. A full-time daily Ro/Ro training program for specific farm and construction equipment has also commenced.
  • Space: The Port's facilities handle more and more Ro/Ro cargo every year. Nearly 200 acres of pavement at Dundalk Marine Terminal keep us ready to handle more Ro/Ro equipment than competing ports.
  • Geography: With our strategic inland location, Baltimore has a distinct advantage. The Port of Baltimore is within an overnight drive of two-thirds of the U.S. population and is closer to the Midwest than any other U.S. East Coast port.
  • Quality: Year after year we deliver on our promise to have the lowest damage rate on Ro/Ro cargo in the country. Baltimore smoothly and efficiently handles more Ro/Ro cargo than any other port in the U.S. with the only Quality Cargo Handling Action Team(QCHAT) for Ro/Ro. Our team is comprised of labor, management and service providers that meet monthly to assess performance, identify problems and take corrective action.

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