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  • In 2006, a QCHAT-Containers was established.
  • Meetings are held on a bi-monthly basis and focus on the needs of the POB container business community.
  • An update is provided at each meeting regarding activities of the following: Maryland Motor Truck Association, US Customs, the Port's chassis pool, and the Seagirt Marine Terminal.
  • Meetings also profile a local company or pertinent industry topic.

Key Focus Area:

The key focus of QCHAT-Containers is to provide a platform where members can voice their concerns or issues with any aspect of the Port's container business. Through teamwork and collaboration, recommendations/solutions are provided for the benefit of both the members and the POB.

Quality Performance:

  • Analyzed truck turn time and chassis availability and made recommendations for improvement.
  • Conducted truckers' survey to identify and resolve areas of concern and prevent unnecessary delays.
  • Collaborated with members to increase the size and participation in the chassis pool.
  • Conducted baseline performance survey for brokers/forwarders.