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  • In 1997, the POB community developed a quality initiative for automobiles which included key partners of the Port.
  • In 2000, the POB institutionalized the QCHAT approach to highlight both the importance and significance of quality.
  • 38 quality factors were developed and are assessed on a monthly basis.
  • Meetings are held on a monthly basis. Performance reports are provided on a quarterly basis.
  • Facilitated meetings are led by elected Co-Chairs who help the QCHAT with various aspects of their performance and develop strategies for improvement

Key Focus Area – Collaboration:

One key aspect of the auto initiative is the monthly meetings held to analyze assessments and to highlight opportunities for improvement, document the present quality performance achieved within the Port, as well as to develop corrective and/or preventative action plans. Special team meetings are held on an as needed basis to address any key concerns or changes in performance.