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Fairfield Marine Automobile Terminal


    Together with automobiles and light trucks, equipment such as tractors, agricultural vehicles, trucks, wheeled cranes and the like makes Baltimore the number-one port on the East Coast for handling Ro/Ro.

    The "Fairfield" area of the Port includes four specialized terminals for handling and processing autos, light trucks and similar Ro/Ro cargo. Currently, the entire terminal is leased to Daimler-Chrysler (Mercedes-Benz). This specialized terminal processes autos and light trucks. Typically, this includes accessorizing, minor repair operations and final dealership preparation. The terminal is adjacent to a public berth, also owned by the MPA. A vessel discharging new vehicles can berth within a few hundred feet of the facility.

    A second facility, owned by MPA and leased to Mercedes-Benz. This state-of-the-art facility consists of nearly 50 acres, with a 94,000-square-foot building, also designed for processing automobiles. Access is a mere half-mile from the vessel. Plans are under way to add an additional berth to the site.

Masonville Terminal (Fairfield) by the Numbers

    Size: Total terminal area is 150 acres (60.7 ha). 61 acres (24.7 ha) are developed for auto terminal.

    Gates: Trucks are loaded at truckaway area inside of terminal.

    Berths: Total of 2 berths (piers):
    Pier 4 - 832 ft. (253.6 m). Depth - 49 ft. (14.9 m). Pier 5 - (and wet basin) 1,393 ft. (424.6 m). Depth: Pier 5 - 23 ft. (8.5 m).

    Depth: wet basin - 20 ft. (6.7 m).

    Cranes: None.

    Sheds: Vehicle processing buildings, no cargo storage sheds.

    Reefer Outlets: N/A.

    Rail: CSX spur adjacent.

Fairfield Marine Terminal

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Terminal Contacts


    Mercedes Benz
    Baltimore VPC
    Phone: 443-957-6800
    Fax: 443-957-6810