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Terminal Operations

Dundalk Marine Terminal

2700 Broening Highway
Baltimore, Maryland 21222


Dave Thomas Deputy Executive Director Phone: 410-633-1043 Fax: 410-633-3273
Brian Miller Director of Operations Phone: 410-633-1124 Fax: 410-633-1127
Rich Rehberger, Sr. Deputy Director, Facility & Crane Phone: 410-633-1116 Fax: 410-633-5174
Ryan Berry Terminal Manager Phone: 410-633-1018 Fax: 410-633-1127
Joe Nickoles General Mgr., Facility Phone: 410-633-1051 Fax: 410-633-5174
Larry Violanti General Mgr., Crane Phone: 410-633-1100 Fax: 410-633-1040

The goal of Intermodal / Trade Development is to create logistical advantages and develop intermodal solutions to maximize our customers’ international supply chain through the Port of Baltimore. Our focus is connecting opportunities from beneficial cargo owners (BCOs), Non Vessel Operating Common Carriers (NVOCCs), forwarders and brokers with ocean carriers for all cargo types. Supporting functions facilitate interaction with truck & rail providers, terminals, commercial real estate, economic development, MDOT sister agencies and other components to / from inland locations.

ITD’s organizational relationships: